Bella Andre

I can’t believe Private Property was published five years ago today. It was my first published novella, and the first story of my beloved Hauberk series. Now here I am with ten stories published, and two more to come out later this year. (For those wondering about some of the […]

My Five Year Birthday

Estella Congratulations, Estella. You’ve won a paperback copy of Bella Andre’s TEMPT ME, TASTE ME, TOUCH ME. Please email me at leah DOT Braemel @ gmail DOT Com with your snail mail address and I’ll forward your information to Bella. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment on […]

Winner of Bella Andre’s Contest

Welcome Back Bella Andre Thanks so much to Leah for having me as a guest on her blog again! How is everyone doing since late spring when I was here last? How was your summer? Any good news roll in? Did you get some time to relax with a few […]

Bella Andre — Love Me

I’m so thrilled Leah invited me back to blog with her! In fact, it was reading Leah’s “What do you want to know” blog post that helped me decide what to write today. 🙂 Based on your responses to her question, how about a blurb for my newest release – […]

Bella Andre’s Never Too Hot!

Robynl Congratulations, Robyn, you’ve won a copy of Bella’s Wild Heat (you’re going to love it!).  If you could send an email with your mailing address to Leah DOT Braemel I’ll forward your information to Bella. There were 17 items in your list. Here they are in random order: […]

Winner of Bella Andre’s Wild Heat

I almost titled this Monday Morning Check-In, then realized it’s Monday afternoon. As you’ve noticed I’ve not been posting as much as I usually do.  That’s because I’ve decided this year I have to focus on writing more novels/novellas than I do blog posts. I finished the western, and sent […]

Monday Check-In

I’m so thrilled Leah invited me to be a guest on her blog! (I love Leah’s books!) I was planning out my afternoon when I realized that after writing this blog (about books), I’m going to Borders to be surrounded by all those books while I brainstorm (a book), and […]

Bella Andre’s In Love with Books

Yikes, it’s Monday January 11th already and I’ve not posted since Friday. Sorry sorry sorry! All I can plead is that I’m up to my ears in edits and rewrites of two different stories while running into Toronto on Saturday along with the usual family routines. On the writing front, […]

What do you mean it’s Monday?