I’m blogging over on Samhain Publishing’s blog today — I’m talking about keeping track of the books I’ve read or bought. And my unfortunate propensity for buying duplicate books. Since I posted it, Gizmo Guy has been scouring the web to see if there is indeed an app. Turns out […]

Is there an app for that?

Phew! Did I wear you out with all those guest bloggers? Now we’re getting back to the regular schedule of guest blogging on Wednesdays only and you’ll be stuck with me on the other days. So what’s been happening at the Braemel household?  Well, Guitar Hero got a full-time job […]

More reviews of Texas Tangle

When unpublished writers first start thinking about actually getting published, we’re told it’s all about the writing. Getting that first line just right. The first paragraph. The first page. The first…well, you get the drift. We focus on word choice, and showing not telling, on not using passive voice or […]

What do you want to know?