Catherine Wade

The title of this entry really should read, “How To Gain Ten Pounds Writing A Book”. As most authors will confess (except for the extraordinarily healthy ones), we tend to eat when we write. Especially when things go wrong, I head straight for the peanut butter M&Ms. So it shouldn’t […]

Catherine Wade’s LET’S DISH Diet

Are you a Maya Banks fan? If you are, here’s a heads-up – has her latest — Sweet Seduction — on for 50% off. So instead of having to pay $15 for it, you get it for $7.49. Remember, the Book Depository doesn’t charge for shipping to most places […]

Friday Book Roundup

I’m going to do things a little differently today. First up, instead of using randomizer to choose a winner, I’m going to award the prize based upon the best ghost story. Second, Catherine has generously offered a free copy, but I’ve also said I’ll be providing one too, so TWO […]

Winners of Catherine Wade’s Another Time Around

Today’s guest blogger, Catherine Wade, and I joined the Samhain family at about the same time, and throughout the past year (where has it gone, Cate?) we’ve exchanged quite a few emails pondering the “huh?” moments of publishing. Yesterday, Cate’s second book, Another Time Around was released as an e-copy […]

Catherine Wade dropping by for Another Time Around

The bedroom door, that is. I’m blogging over at Samhain’s blog today. Author Catherine Wade and I have teamed up for our posts. Mine is about writing with the bedroom door wide open, and at three o’clock, Catherine’s post will be about writing with the bedroom door firmly shut. Drop […]

Do You Like It Open? Or Closed?

I met Catherine Wade on the Samhain Author loop last fall. She joined at the same time as me, so we’ve been swimming the unfamiliar publishing waters together. Let’s Dish is her first novel, and I’m thrilled to be hosting her on my blog today…especially since her recipe is one […]

Let’s Dish by Catherine Wade