Chandra Ryan

There was this song my mom used to sing to me and my sister in our youth. I’m not going to write it out because it’s kind of graphic and highly traumatizing—seriously, I still cringe when I think about it—but the gist of the song is that you shouldn’t laugh […]

Chandra Ryan and the Winds of Change

Well, it’s been a week, and I’ve not heard from the winner of last week’s draw. So I’m going to award Chandra’s Dragonborne to Crystal Kauffman who was second on the list drawn by’s list randomizer last week. Crystal Kauffman  Crystal, please send an email to leah DOT braemel […]

Winner #2 of Chandra Ryan’s Dragonborne

Calling Dana — today’s your last day to claim Chandra Ryan’s Dragonborne.  Although I could have drawn a new winner already, I’m giving you one last chance to catch up. If I do not hear from you by 6 p.m. tonight, I’m drawing a new winner.So email me at leah […]

Dana, where are you?

Dana Dana, please send an email to leah DOT braemel @gmail DOT com (take out the spaces, replace the DOTs with periods, natch) so I can forward your info to Chandra. You have seven days to claim your prize or I’ll draw a new winner. There were 10 items in […]

Winner of Chandra Ryan’s Dragonborne

My sister once asked me how I knew my husband was ‘the one’.  We’d been married for probably five or six years at that time and things were good, but I still found myself answering her, “I didn’t.  I still don’t know if I even believe in ‘the one’.  I […]

Chandra Ryan’s Taking a Leap of Faith