Diana Gabaldon

…ever admit that there are errors in their book? Books are written by human beings. They’re edited by other humans. And, as we all must admit, humans are flawed. We miss things. We make mistakes. As a writer, I find it almost impossible to read my own copy — I […]

Should an author…

Before the actual conference starts, the RWA holds an autographing session for its published authors that is open to the public. (There are plenty of other book signings set up by the publishers later in the week but they are only open to registered conference attendees.) This year there were […]

More on RWA11–part 2: Lit Signing & Evil Elevators

I love Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander – her hero, Jamie is absolutely delicious. The ultimate manly man without being over the top alpha. And what could be more delicious than Gerard Butler as Jamie! (Thanks, Martie, for pointing this one out.) And another … not as nice music accompanying but great […]

A vote for Gerard as Jamie Fraser