Five Alarm Alphas

The price on the FIVE ALARM ALPHA bundle is still 99 cents, but it’s for an extremely limited time. Within the next day or two, it’s going up to $2.99.  And at the end of the month, the bundle disappears entirely.  So now’s the time to grab your copy of […]


A reader left a comment on the FAQ page of my website — for some reason WordPress was not allowing me to approve it which means I can’t reply to it where the reader can see my response. I’ve figured it out and answered her, but I thought others might […]

What about Quinn?

Buy your copy from Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ ARe ~ Smashwords “I’m not surprised by how smokin’ hot this set is nor am I surprised by how well written and awesome these short stories are, so have a fire extinguisher nearby as you read because these ladies aim to […]

Snippet Saturday _ Men (and Kisses) Hotter Than Flame

Feeding the Flames part of the Five Alarm Alpha bundle Copyright © 2014 Leah Braemel  Order from Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~  Kobo ~ ARe “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be more than just friends with you, Zac.” “I want you to be absolutely sure about this, […]

Snippet Saturday — is it getting hot in here?

Order your copy from Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ ARe The bundle will be available for 99 cents for a limited time only! I’m thrilled that my novella Feeding the Flames is out today as part of the Five Alarm Alpha bundle.  I’d originally started plotting and writing it […]

Five Alarm Alphas releases today!

I’m so excited — Feeding the Flames, part of the Five Alarm Alpha bundle, finally releases tomorrow. Preorder from Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ ARe The bundle will be available for 99 cents for a limited time only! We’re having a party! If you’re around tomorrow, the authors in […]

One more sleep til we party!

Feeding the Flames Part of the Five Alarm Alpha boxed set, coming November 7th Pre-order your copy now ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo  ~ All Romance eBooks © 2014 Leah Braemel “You’re pretty bossy considering I’m your boss.” Not that she begrudged Shannon for calling her on her shit. Tabatha lined up the six […]

Snippet Saturday – Feeding the Flames

I’ve been so buried by deadlines that I’ve let my blog slide — so now the worst of my deadlines are done, (though I still have plenty of books left to write) I’ve decided to revive Snippet Saturday. So how about a sneak peek into Feeding the Flames, which releases […]

Snippet Saturday

Leah Braemel: Feeding the Flames: When chef Tabatha Morgan returns to Barnett Springs, her burning crush on firefighter Zac Buchanan flares back to life. Trouble is, Zac has made a promise to keep his distance from Tabby, so Zac’s best friend and fellow firefighter Quinn decides to help feed the […]

A sneak peek at the stories behind Five Alarm Alphas

I apologize that it’s been almost a month since I posted here, but I’ve needed to stay quiet, to step back for a while, not just from the blog but from a lot of social media too, to try to find my balance, both in writing and in dealing with […]

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