Busy weekend

Note to self: do not drink a Hazelnut Coffee, and two diet Pepsi’s after 3 p.m. unless you’re willing to be wired until 5 a.m. Seriously! I’m exhausted – thanks to all that caffeine. I drove into Toronto yesterday for

Acts of Catharsis

At this time of year, most blogs have been about the goals or resolutions people have made for the coming year. My goal is to stay sane. Seriously! After running around to appointments with Alzheimers’ counsellors and Community Access contacts,

Chuckle for today …

Oh, how our language has changed. I’m reading James Fenimore Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans and came across this line where he describes Alice Munro: One, and she was the more juvenile in her appearance, though both were young, permitted

Contractions in Historicals

I’ve seen some posts lately on other sites where readers complain that contractions should not be used in historical novels, that people back then did not use them, while authors respond by saying “but we have to write for today’s