Some people’s kids

This weekend my eldest (Guitar Hero) came home to help celebrate his younger brother’s birthday. While we were talking, Guitar Hero’s girlfriend mentioned how GH had tried on a pair of Harry Potter-like glasses for a lark. It reminded me

Happy Holidays

One of the presents I gave my family this Christmas was my undivided attention for a couple of days. I stayed out of my office and away from my computer, only allowing myself to quick check my email on my phone

Office upheaval

Do you ever find that when you decide to start cleaning house (I’m talking decluttering, not just dusting and vacuuming) that partway through you’ve made more of a mess of the place than it was when you started? That’s my

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here this weekend. So the Braemel family is kicking back a bit. When the boys were little we’d do a lot of family oriented things–apple picking, pumpkin picking. Driving north to look at the fall colors. But

Sunday Round-Up

I’ve pulled up the “new post” page a couple times since Gizmo Guy’s post, but what a hard act that post was to follow. GG’s a little embarrassed by all the attention he drew — oh, don’t worry, he did

Past, present and future

I’m busy booking guest bloggers for the rest of the year, so hopefully I’ll have a nice long list again on my sidebar soon. There’ll be some new names and some more familiar, as always. Carina Press authors, Samhain authors,