My poor little iBook is dead. As I was using it on Tuesday night, I noticed it was going slower and slower, until it finally just ground to a halt. I ended up having to do a hard shut down on it. It never came back. Gizmo Guy sat down […]

Mini-Mac bites the big one

Despite my assertions that I would purloin the Mac iBook while Gizmo Guy was at work, I confess, I left it in its case today. I wasn’t being noble. It’s just there’s no software to use on it yet. It came with Panther as its operating system, which is the […]

More on the Mac…

Gizmo Guy lived up to his name today. He brought home another Gizmo. He did at least call me up this afternoon and give me a heads-up. I knew there was a gizmo on the horizon from the way he hmmed and hawed. “I’ve been thinking about your Christmas present.” […]

Gizmo Guy Strikes Again