Jane Porter

To be honest, I’m happy to see the end of 2013. While there were no major incidents last year – no strokes, no heart attacks, no deaths of any of my loved ones, I felt like the entire year was filled with a series of stress-inducing incidents that left me […]

Goodbye 2013, I hope the door hits your backside on ...

My reading habits have changed over the years: this year was definitely the year of the contemporary. Since it’s that time of year for reflection, I’ve looked back at some of my favorite books I’ve read. Thanks to suggestions on Twitter (I love being exposed to new-to-me authors through the […]

Favorite Reads of 2010

Something strange has happened. My TBR (To Be Read) pile is down to a half dozen books.  Yes, I know. Shocking, isn’t it?  I’ve just finished reading Jane Porter’s She’s Gone Country, and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, it stuck with me for several days.  (I love Jane’s writing — […]

Read a good Contemporary lately?

Well, the internet’s fixed finally – wouldn’t you know it now the conference is finished? It’s been an incredibly busy couple of days that ended on a high for me personally. Things went REALLY well, but more than that I don’t want to say as I don’t want to jinx […]