Jenny Schwartz

Leah, I love visiting your blog around Christmas time. It reminds me how different our festivities are. You’re in midwinter. I’m in midsummer. But this year, I not only have sunshine and champagne, there are sailors! And by that, I don’t mean the baby-faced US Navy sailors who, when I […]

Jenny Schwartz’s Clockwork Christmas

Hi Leah! I’m really enjoying this chance to blog about an Aussie Christmas. First, there’s no snow. Where I live, in Perth, it can be a scorching 40 degrees celsius, but that’s rare. Usually Christmas is just nicely hot. Perfect for a barbeque, a swim (not that I do. I […]

Jenny Schwartz: Christmas Down Under

Since today is the second round of releases over at Carina Press, I thought I’d give you a summation of what books are available amongst my guest bloggers. Lilly Cain’s fabulous erotic romance, Alien Revealed, is now available for download. You can read her blog post here. Inarrii agent Alinna […]

Week 2 of Carina Press releases: Aliens, Djinns, and Mayans, ...

It’s a true blog swap today — with fellow Carina Press launch author Jenny Schwartz.  So read Jenny’s post below, then pop on over (or down) to Jenny’s blog where you can read my post.   There are photos of more horses showing the inspiration to Nikki’s farm, a photo […]

Jenny Schwartz’s Prediction Comes True