JR Ward

I participated in a lot of contests recently and am sending out the prizes today. So check your inboxes if you’ve entered any recently. Just a note when you enter a contest and are asked what format you like, also let the author or contest arranger know if you’re in […]

So whatcha reading?

Since you’re following this blog, you probably already read romances, so how about sharing your favorite romance, new or old, or favorite romance author, with the rest of us? For me? I know I’m going to forget a lot of my favorite authors, and favorite books, but here’s a starter […]

Did you know it’s “Read a Romance” Month?

Are you a Maya Banks fan? If you are, here’s a heads-up – bookdepository.com has her latest — Sweet Seduction — on for 50% off. So instead of having to pay $15 for it, you get it for $7.49. Remember, the Book Depository doesn’t charge for shipping to most places […]

Friday Book Roundup

IT has arrived. As in JR Ward’s Lover Enshrined. Neener Neener Neener, Wylie! Sorry, couldn’t resist. (Actually, Wylie, the lady in charge of the Romance section of Chapters just called me, they are putting them out on the shelves today in my town, so you might want to check your […]

Indulging Myself

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The woohoo moment? I opened my email this morning and found a confirmation from Chapters telling me my order has been shipped. Which order is that? JR Ward’s latest, Phury’s story. Woohoo!!!! I should be getting it tomorrow or so – my Black Dagger Brotherhood fix is almost here! The […]

A Woohoo moment, and a D’oh moment

No, no spoilers here. I’ll hold my tongue Picked up JR’s latest in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover Unbound this morning. Talked to Janine, the lady in charge of the romance section. They had about 20 copies come in and none of them were going to reach the shelves […]

Got it, read it … waiting for the rest of ...

Heads up all you Canadian JR Ward fans! On JR Ward’s website it says Vishous’s story Lover Unbound won’t be released until September 25th. Amazon.com and Amazon.ca both have the same date. Yet on the Chapters Indigo website, they show it as being released on September 6th – (there are […]

JR Ward’s newest released early?

Since I’m avoiding all the Potter hype until my own copy arrives, I’ve been indulging myself in reading the books I brought back from Dallas. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of the authors and get my books autographed. And in the books the authors would write nice […]

This book really Sucks!

Well, the internet’s fixed finally – wouldn’t you know it now the conference is finished? It’s been an incredibly busy couple of days that ended on a high for me personally. Things went REALLY well, but more than that I don’t want to say as I don’t want to jinx […]


I met with a fellow writer from the TRW, Jordanne Clark yesterday. We met at the ubiquitous Timmy’s ( for our friends from the south, Tim Horton’s is a coffee/donut shop – they’re coming your way soon!) and then headed down to Chapters (a Canadian bookstore a la Barnes and […]

A Change in Stance