Kelley Armstrong

Yup, this is the same place as last Friday’s photo, just three years later, and at night. Cool how the Eternal Flame suddenly has color, isn’t it? I have a lot to blog about – tons of pictures, though not many of them from the conference itself, dang it all. […]

Back but exhausted

Today I took a run up to Peterborough on a secret mission that was accomplished in about forty minutes, but since I drove in with Gizmo Guy who was there on business I had to hang around the rest of the day. So I picked up a copy of No […]

Canadian talent …

As are most Canadians this year (and probably a lot from the northern US as well), I am sick to death of snow. We seem to have had a standard pattern of a day of snow, a day of recovery, a day of melting, then the whole thing repeats itself. […]

Will winter NEVER end?

I wrote 0 words today. And I don’t care at this point. I spent almost 7 hours on the phone today before I threw my hands up in the air and screamed “I give up, you’re on your own!” At which point I dashed out to the mall and indulged […]

Patriotic Stress Busters

I went to TRW’s monthly meeting which was an all day affair today since they’d brought in Margie Lawson to teach her Empowering Character Emotions Master Class. Wow, talk about inspiring! I learned about Anaphora – a device I’ve been using but never knew what it was called. I learned […]

Twice lucky!