FIRST NIGHT is now available for your Nook and your Apple devices. Was it the excitement of the New Year or stubborn pride that drove Jodi Tyler to challenge her boss?  But when the clock strikes midnight, and the ball drops on Times Square, has Jodi won the bet or […]

More places where you can buy First Night

Until the end of December, Leah will be hopping around the blogosphere talking about her latest release I NEED YOU FOR CHRISTMAS. Each post will give a commenter a chance to win a digital copy of the winner’s choice of her backlist. So make sure you follow the links as […]

Blog hopping and contests on now

Yesterday I was at the Toronto Romance Writers’ monthly meeting when I was approached by someone who asked: I bought your latest book but I don’t have a dedicated ereader.  How can I read it on my PC? Can you recommend a program? At the time I’d recommended Calibre but […]

Ebook Apps for Non-ebook Device Owners (or How do I ...

What’s one of my favorite things, and I suspect yours too? Getting free books! Today you have two chances to win … I’ve donated a copy of Texas Tangle to help celebrate Book Pusher’s relaunch with its new design. They’re loading it, along with dozens of other books donated by […]

Favorite things!

It’s December!   Akk!  I haven’t even bought a single present. Well, except for the Firefighter calendar that’ll end up in one of your hands.   I miscalculated on yesterday’s post – my 800th post should be on THURSDAY, and it will include the details of a contest I’ll run, the prize […]

Rockin’ for a Reader

It was announced today that Amazon will finally ship the Kindle to Canada. You can read about it here at the Financial Post or at the Toronto Star or the Globe and Mail. One weird thing I noticed in the Toronto Star article – you have to order them through […]

Kindle in Canada!

Yup, you can win a Kindle – and you don’t have to live in the States to win it!  Head on over to my Samhain editor Tera Kleinfelter’s blog. Each day Tera will feature one of her authors for you to discover. In order to qualify, you have to: post […]

Kindle Contest starts today

There are certain hallmarks along the road to publication that tell you you’re on the right track. The first one is when you get that first compliment from someone in your critique group. But you shrug it off and think, “They’re just being nice.” The next one (and this is […]

Milestones (Not the restaurant)

Thanks to a post over on Twitter, I found this article. I hadn’t realized it but apparently Kindles and Sony readers both have temperature limitations. If you let a Kindle get below 40 degrees (Fahrenheit), you run the risk of the eInk screen dying. Apparently the Sony Reader is similar. […]

Hidden limitation of eInk technology

Look what’s coming in December! A chance to win one of two Kindles, plus chances at winning other swag too. On December 1st, check out my editor Angela James’ blog for all the deets. And good news for all of us not living within the US borders – we’re eligible […]

Two, Two, Two Kindles in one Contest