KS Augustin

Phew! My turn again. What’s gone on this week with the Braemel’s while I’ve been hosting all my guests? Well, as I told you last weekend, my eldest son Guitar Hero got a job, so he started that on Monday. The first day he came home and fell asleep by […]

Take Two

Remember on Monday I was over on KS Augustin’s blog? (You don’t? I blogged about it, go over there and read it already! (right after you read this post, that is.) Since Kaz did such a superb job interviewing me, I’m returning the favour today. So while I’m introducing her […]

KS Augustin: In Enemy Hands

Nope, I’m not standing on my head, I’m “down under” the equator. (Oh, shoot, the dirty jokes I could do with that!)  Hmm, I should have tried to photoshop a picture of myself riding in the pouch of a kangaroo a la Homer Simpson. Whips out an atlas and Wikipedia […]

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