Margie Lawson

Yay, I get to blog because I finished editing two chapters of Private Property today. Those goals I set are working, thanks to Margie Lawson’s Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors. (I highly recommend it!) (People in the Rockies – or Buffalo – who normally get dumped on a lot worse should feel […]

Snow snow and more snow

I have a nasty tendency to use the same words over and over again without realizing it. Once, when I was first starting to write and actually showed other people, a crit partner pointed out that I’d used the word ‘then’ 47 times in 5,000 words. Ouch! So now I […]

Finding Echo words

I’ve been working hard to keep up with Margie Lawson’s Deep EDITS course – there’s a LOT of material to be absorbed. Good stuff, but my brain is on meltdown after so many courses this year. My Editing Partner and I have been going over each other’s first couple of […]

Seriously Sleep Deprived

Turkey’s just about gone – thank the Lord for that. It’s getting boring. Monday’s oppressive humidity of 34 dropped to the much more reasonable 11 it is now. (Converting for my US friends … 93 to 51F) My forward writing on my Jewel story, and the Delving Deep sequel have […]

Snowed under – metaphorically speaking, that is

(Finish the title by providing a twist on an old cliche in the comments section.) It’s been a busy week – laying a carpet in the basement then moving the kids’ computer and playstation, gamecube, Xbox, etc down there, so I’m not bothered when they play Guitar Hero at all […]

Busier than a …

I went to TRW’s monthly meeting which was an all day affair today since they’d brought in Margie Lawson to teach her Empowering Character Emotions Master Class. Wow, talk about inspiring! I learned about Anaphora – a device I’ve been using but never knew what it was called. I learned […]

Twice lucky!