Remember a photograph I took in Dallas last year was entered in a contest? I just heard back from the contest – my picture was selected. Here! ! People downloading a map to Dallas to their iPhone will now see Leah Braemel’s name! (Of course, there’s quite a few other […]

Leah does Dallas

I’m positively chuffed right now. On Sunday, I blogged about how Gizmo Guy is getting back into photography and last night I got a notification that this picture of the Hyatt Regency I took in Dallas last year has been shortlisted in a competition for a Dallas Map Guide. How […]

Shortlisted in a contest, but not for writing

(Before you get the wrong idea, I’m still smitten by Gizmo Guy, it’s a few gazillion little buzzing bloodsuckers that attacked us yesterday I wasn’t so thrilled with) Gizmo Guy has been restless lastly, so he’s taken up an old hobby – photography. Way back when we were first married, […]

Bitten But definitely not Smitten