I’m over at Novel Thoughts today, with not only a contest but a recipe of one of the few things I can cook that my husband and sons will fight over. Stop on by… And between a website that’s been up and down and driving me crazy, and chasing around […]

More blog hopping (Recipe & contest!)

Temptation. Everywhere you look, it’s right there ready to trip you up the second you let down your guard. Not surprising when you consider there are an endless number of things that can and do tempt us. Everything from clothes, to collectibles, the latest technology and everything in between. The […]

Anara Bella: What’s your temptation?

Two of life’s greatest things, right? Adult novelty shops have long combined the two. You can buy chocolate body paint, chocolate flavored body sugar, etc. Scientific studies have even proven that the same endorphins released during orgasm are triggered by chocolate consumption. In my new release SWEET AS SIN, Livvy […]

Inez Kelley: Sex and Chocolate

Hi Leah! I’m really enjoying this chance to blog about an Aussie Christmas. First, there’s no snow. Where I live, in Perth, it can be a scorching 40 degrees celsius, but that’s rare. Usually Christmas is just nicely hot. Perfect for a barbeque, a swim (not that I do. I […]

Jenny Schwartz: Christmas Down Under

How the heck did it get to be mid-September–and FALL–already? If you’re in southern Ontario next Sunday (September 26th), I’m going to be at Toronto’s annual Word on the Street celebration at Queen’s Park. It’s a chance to mingle with publishers, authors and illustrators of all types of books–non-fiction, children’s […]

Looking Ahead

Over on my editor’s blog on Friday, Tera asked me about my favorite holiday food. I told her it was Pizza Cookies because although it doesn’t sound particularly Christmasy, I only make them at this time of year. (There are too many calories for me to indulge more than once […]

Pizza Pan Cookies