Red Garnier

Pay It Forward Friday is my way of thanking authors who have done something that has helped me either personally or professionally in some way in the past years. Some I’ve only met online, some at conferences, and some have become long-term friends. Others may not even know what they did, or […]

Pay It Forward Friday – Red Garnier

There are a two winners here, so make sure you read the whole post…First off, the winner of their choice of Inez Kelley’s backlist is… Cathy M Cathy, I’ll be contact you about what book you’d like and what format. You’ll have 7 days to get back to me (if […]

Contest Winners

I love today’s guest, Red Garnier. She’s one of those authors who have been there for me from the start. I met her on-line at first, as a fellow commenter over on Wylie Kinson’s blog. Then later in the summer of 2007, we arranged to meet in person while we […]

What Red Garnier Loves Most About Summer

Karen K I entered the list of 19 people who commented on Red Garnier’s post into’s list randomizer. And Karen K came out at the top of the list. I will be contacting Karen to arrange delivery of her copy of The Satin Sash. Thanks to everyone who took […]

Winner of Red Garnier’s Satin Sash

Back in 2007, I decided to get serious about my writing and joined the Toronto Romance Writers. While I was there, I met Wylie Kinson and started following her blog. One of the other regular commenters over there was today’s guest, Red Garnier.  So when I headed to Texas for […]

Red Garnier: Not a Shampoo!

Sven doesn’t have to come at me with his whip today thankfully. 1979 words so far, though I’m stopping for a while to learn a new flash software program. (You mean there are things in life OTHER than writing?) Rewriting Delving Deep is quite an adventure. For a story I’d […]

Sven and Snow

You know that story that starts “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times?” Well, for me, not much has been going on this week and yet I’m exhausted by everything that’s gone on this week. I survived a long weekend with everyone home – always […]

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