Sam’s Story

OMG what a great way to kick off Personal Protection’s release. Yesterday I received an email from Chrissy Dionne over at Romance Junkies telling me she’s already reviewed it. And given it 5 Ribbons! Chrissy says: I’ve been anxiously awaiting this story since first being introduced to Sam in the […]

Finally! Personal Protection releases today

I’m interviewing Sam over at Erotic Muses today. Stop by and say hi … and find out what I did to tick Sam off.

Guest blog spot #2

Did you guys hear me ‘squeeing’ on Monday afternoon? I’m surprised if you didn’t. After all, you danced along with me and Matt. (Did you realize that was a clue? That was my extra-special happy dance.) Curly heard me all the way down in the basement. Even Marley heard me […]

Break out the Bubbly!

All sorts of things to talk about today … First off, if you’re Canadian, you can finally sign up for Canada’s Do Not Call list. As of this morning, you’re supposed to be able to go here to sign up. But it’s past noon as I write this and the […]

Random thoughts

On the home front, it’s been fairly quiet. Curly is bummed because their XBox 360 has broken down yet again. This is their third unit in eighteen months, and is a brand new replacement that’s less than a month old. How can a company stay in business when it creates […]

Weekend update

… and I’m not referring to Mr. Gate’s terrifying program. Having finished the major edits on Sam’s story yesterday, I gave myself some down time today. I spent the morning researching book trailers, listening to different types of music that would suit Private Property. But I figured I’d have to […]

Whole new Vistas …

I typed those six little letters on Sam’s story today. The End. Oh, the first draft has been done for ages, but I’d had scenes that I knew I wanted to rework and tweak and now I finally feel comfortable that I’ve told Sam’s story in a creditable fashion. The […]


I finished reading the 311 pages of Sam’s story and let it sit for the weekend. I’ve spent today trying to plug the changes over from the hard copy to the computer. (I’m finding it very frustrating that even with my second pair of special distance glasses, I’m still seeing […]

Slogging through Monday

Woohoo! I finished the major edits on Sam’s story yesterday. So I decided to print it off today and go through it with a fine toothed comb. (Yeah yeah, I still want to rewrite the first scene so some of it is from Sam’s POV, and I know I need […]

Not a “Green” day

In the very first paragraph of Private Property, I have my heroine, Jodi, hearing the distinctive sound of a Harley approaching. Little did she know she was about to meet the rider – Sam. And little did I know that Guitar Hero would soon be plotting to get his own […]

But he wasn’t ‘Born to be Wild’

Sam’s story is plodding along. I’ve managed to edit up to chapter 25 (for the moment they’re more place holders so the chapter numbers are likely to change – wordcount wise I’m 51K into the 63K total though I know that word count will be fluctuating for a while.) However, […]

Too many trees (and an update on the Sony Reader)

On her blog post today, Amy Ruttan posted pictures of how she envisions her characters in her upcoming novel, Enemy Enchantress. And it got me wondering. If I had to choose actors for my characters, who would I choose? For Private Property, I think if I could cast my hero, […]

Putting Faces to the Names