Sony reader

Back in October, Tina Gerow, who also writes as Cassie Ryan, was on my blog talking about her book Seducing the Succubus. I’m sad to say that Tina is currently in hospital after undergoing repeated brain surgeries to treat something called Arterial Venus Malformation.  She is in need of your […]

Weekend Round-Up

It’s December!   Akk!  I haven’t even bought a single present. Well, except for the Firefighter calendar that’ll end up in one of your hands.   I miscalculated on yesterday’s post – my 800th post should be on THURSDAY, and it will include the details of a contest I’ll run, the prize […]

Rockin’ for a Reader

It was announced today that Amazon will finally ship the Kindle to Canada. You can read about it here at the Financial Post or at the Toronto Star or the Globe and Mail. One weird thing I noticed in the Toronto Star article – you have to order them through […]

Kindle in Canada!

Thanks to a post over on Twitter, I found this article. I hadn’t realized it but apparently Kindles and Sony readers both have temperature limitations. If you let a Kindle get below 40 degrees (Fahrenheit), you run the risk of the eInk screen dying. Apparently the Sony Reader is similar. […]

Hidden limitation of eInk technology

More on the Sony deals – the Harlequin free ebook was only for that day, the next day’s ‘deal’ was a Linda Lael Miller that they chopped the price by only 25 cents. Today’s is another Linda Lael Miller–A Stone Creek Christmas–that they’ve dropped the price from $3.38 to $2.87. […]

Another Sony freebie …

I got a really great email from my editor today giving me a sneak peek of Private Property’s cover. OMG it’s HOT! Even Gizmo Guy thinks so. You’ll just have to wait, but I’m going to be fanning myself for a while. In the meantime, Sony has announced a new […]

New Version of the Sony Reader available

I finished reading the 311 pages of Sam’s story and let it sit for the weekend. I’ve spent today trying to plug the changes over from the hard copy to the computer. (I’m finding it very frustrating that even with my second pair of special distance glasses, I’m still seeing […]

Slogging through Monday

Sam’s story is plodding along. I’ve managed to edit up to chapter 25 (for the moment they’re more place holders so the chapter numbers are likely to change – wordcount wise I’m 51K into the 63K total though I know that word count will be fluctuating for a while.) However, […]

Too many trees (and an update on the Sony Reader)

Phew. I feel like I’ve spent the whole weekend upgrading my computers. Oh, all right, that may be a slight exaggeration, but I’ve definitely spent all day today upgrading, and I’m not done yet. First off I’ve upgraded the firmware on my Sony eReader. Woohoo it finally does a really […]

Two reviews – one techie, one literary

I blogged a while back about my Sony eReader and how I wasn’t initially sure I’d like it. By the end of the next day I decided I loved it. Well, today, Sony announced they are going to upgrade the eREader’s firmware because they’re opening the ebook Reader to other […]

Sony Reader just got better

All right, I confess, I didn’t take the Reader back today. Instead I spent the whole day – yes, ALL day – fiddling around with it. I also spent some time over at the Sony ebook store – you can get a whole bunch of books through them – Harlequins, […]

Sony Reader Redux

Gizmo Guy got me an earlier birthday present today. Sony’s brand new ebook Reader PRS-505 – while it was released quite a while ago in the States, it’s just made its way up here. Gizmo Guy has anxiously been waiting for them to be released – since the Kindle isn’t […]

Sony’s e-Reader