I can’t believe it was a week ago and we were already on our way home. Actually at this time of day, we were stepping off a shuttle bus on Beale Street in Memphis. We’d left New Orleans before the town had woken up. Walking through the French Quarter at […]

Road Trip to NOLA … and back again

Yup, I’m back from RT — okay, I’ve been back a few days and have been buried in emails and such that I had to put aside while travelling. Before I get into the tale of our road trip, I sent out a newsletter with news of No Accounting for […]

Road Trip to NOLA (part one)

We spent the last 3 days in Myrtle Beach — my first time there. Both GG and I loved it –especially thanks to @S_Muha’s advice to stick to the more northern end. She was completely right. We spent a fair bit of time walking along the strand, getting a teeny […]

Police! Stop! Drop the weapon!

Which of course means Gizmo Guy and I had to stop and visit for a while 😀 We drove through four States within about an hour — from Pennsylvania, through Maryland, then West Virginia, and into Virginia. (Maryland and West Virginia are actually big states, but they each have tiny […]

Virginia is for Lovers

As I’ve mentioned before, probably ad nauseum, I’m leaving tomorrow for a trip to North Carolina where I’ll be taking part in a Writers Police Academy so I can get my details straight on my police procedures I write. Gizmo Guy and I will be driving down — since GG […]

AFK – Away from Keyboard

I’m back. Did you miss me? Oh, okay, so I’ve only been gone a day. Just over 24 hours.  Gizmo Guy had a special something or other he had to do in another town over night so it would have been dangerous for him to try to drive home overnight. […]

Attack of the Travel Bug

Yesterday I posted a lot of pictures – boy is that fiddly in blogspot! And looking at it, I realized it looked as if we’d travelled a lot. I guess we have, but then again, that covered 28 years of our married life. Hubby and I travelled a lot pre-kids […]