I’m over at Everybody Needs a Little Romance today, talking about a few things that happened over the past months, and mentioning that I’m starting to question where I am in the pecking order in my house. (Hint: I’m not at the top. I think that’s the cat.)

Where do I rank around here?

I’m talking about a major source of distraction over at Everybody Needs a Little Romance today… Hint…he is furry…  

It’s all his fault

Yup, I’m working on a deadline and I’m really aware that it’s fast approaching. (Seriously, is there some dial that gives editors the ability to make clocks work faster? Because I need it cranked to ultra-slow.) So while I’m hiding away in my cave (wondering why I am not renting […]

Busy writing, so here are pretty pictures

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada this weekend. For the first time, because of their schedules, neither of our sons will be home at the same time so we can have dinner together as a family. 🙁 So we’ve decided that in order to have our special time with both, […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Miranda over at Joyfully Reviewed gave Hidden Heat a lovely review. Here’s a little snippet, but go over to the review to read more: Hidden Heat is plump with sexual tension and thrilling drama. Leah Braemel keeps her Hauberk Protection series hot with another exciting couple and edge of your seat plotting. ~ […]

New Review for Hidden Heat, and more on Seamus and ...

Turtle is the newest member of the Braemel household.  We adopted him yesterday from a rescue group where he’s been looking for a home for over two years, almost his entire life. Why is he called Turtle? Because of his coloring. He has this neat almost black stripe down his […]

Meet Turtle