I’m ba-ack. Wow, that week went fast. But did it ever give me the break I need. I walked on the sandy beach, and sat on the porch and listened to the wind in the trees while herons and terns flew overhead.  I got a bit of a sunburn on […]

That went fast

After writing three books in the past year, having two book releases within a month of each other, and two conferences within the same month, I’ve reached the end of my rope and declared that “I need a vacation!” So Gizmo Guy and I have rented a cottage on the […]


instead all I’m smelling right now is burnt out brain cells… I just love Debbie Ridpath Ohi’s Inkygirl comics. What’s even better? She’s Canadian – from Toronto! Daily NaNo Wordcount Report Anyway, on to my NaNo report. I made it through the first day with a wordcount of 2074. Woot. […]

I love the smell of burning leaves …

As the Birthday Bash winds down, hubby surprised me with a trip to Mont Tremblant in the Laurentian Mountians of Quebec. My internet connection is iffy at best so I figured I’d grab a time when it’s working for a short post of my own. Here’s our view from our […]

Leah’s Bluebird of Happiness break

Wow, though I was away only four days, it felt a lot longer. Don’t get me wrong, Gizmo Guy and I had a fantastic time in Quebec City. Our bank account however isn’t feeling so healthy – food is EXPENSIVE there, as is the gas which is approximately ten cents […]

I’m Back!

We arrived! We had forgotten how aggressive Quebec drivers are – Yikes! And how their highway systems aren’t as friendly as ours – for instance, it’s frickin’ hard to get onto an onramp you need when the sign appears AFTER the point of no return. Montreal was tough, so was […]

Part of History

Hmm, actually they’re not, and I’m not either. I’m still running around doing all those last minute chores. So when I read my horoscope today I had to laugh … You could be thinking about vacation travel plans today. Of course, the difference between reality and your fantasies may not […]

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

I didn’t get much added to my wordcount over the weekend. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday outside doing the gardening I’d been putting off — removing an unsightly non-blooming forsythia the previous owners had planted smack-dab in the middle of the front lawn, raking the last of the […]

I’m calling it research! (and other excuses)

Wow, it’s the end of the week already. Or is that finally? I can’t believe it’s almost the end of February too! Where has this year gone? I feel like I’ve been in a whirlwind for the past week and haven’t had a chance to sit down. I think I […]

And I thought I’ve accomplished nothing this week…

Midweek check in for the Kick in the Pants challenge. Notice it’s two days late. *sigh* I haven’t kept track of my word count. I have been writing, but it’s mainly been editing an entry for a competition. **Warning Rant Ahead – you can ignore it, but I need to […]

Where’d this week go?

I’m registered for a course tomorrow on the Canadian Publishing industry. It’s being taught by a former president of Penguin Books Canada at a somewhat distant university. However, naturally enough for living in Canada, the forecast is for freezing rain anywhere north of Toronto – and of course, they specifically […]

Surprise Getaway

Forgot to do this last week! Oops. So here’s one for this week: 13 of my favourites vacations! Though not in order of preference except for England but the pictures were just too hard to fiddle with to get them into place!  #1: London, EnglandI always thought Peter Jackson used […]

Thursday Thirteen #2