Vivi Andrews

I’ve loved the Old Spice ads — I crack up every time at the “I’m on a horse” ad. I was fascinated when the Old Spice man went on Twitter and responded to people’s tweets (and Facebook comments too) including to Alyssa Milano, There are about four more videos, including […]

Libraries are Spicy!

Remember yesterday I said I’d dropped the ball in booking guest bloggers? Nikki Duncan stepped up to the plate and offered to be my guest today! What a trooper! Oh, and if you notice all my guest blogging spots have been filled between now and July. Notice June? I’m going […]

Two for one today!

There have been a lot of comments this week about the Romance Writers of America annual national conference. It ends each year with a huge gala where they present the RITAs and the Golden Heart awards. (Think of it as the Oscars of the Romance Realm.) RITAs are for the […]

Vivi’s Golden!

Today’s winner hails from Kentucky … Yup, it’s: Ioki_jo Congratulations, Ioki_jo. I will be contacting you (and Vivi) in order to arrange for your choice of format of Serengeti Heat to be sent to you. (I’m in the middle of reading it right now – it’s a really fun read.) […]

Daily Draw Winner #15

A while back I blogged about what a diverse group of readers visit my blog. Today’s author is no exception. Vivi Andrews hails all the way from Alaska. That explains why she writes about hot African animals – she needs something to keep her warm on those long, cold winter […]

Vivi Andrews: Rrrrrowr, Baby