The following video is definitely not fit for a household with little kids or the workplace. (In other words, put the headphones on.) Thanks to Gizmo Guy for forwarding the video to me. Who know “that” word was so versatile. Okay, yes, I knew it since I have used it […]

A different type of Grammar lesson

While Wylie was driving me up to our ‘writing retreat’ last weekend, she turned up a song that I remembered from years ago – what I ‘thought’ was Toto’s Africa. A few bars in, I realized it had been remixed. I’ve had that freakin’ song in my head ever since. […]

Memories Remixed

I found this over on Shelli Steven’s Naughty and Spice blog … some teenagers have put together their own Twilight teaser trailer. It’s hilarious. (And boy, they must have put a LOT of effort into it.)

Twilight Trailer – the way it should be

My last guest blog spot is over at Rose Marie Wolf‘s today – it’s a big blanket shout of thanks to everyone who has emailed me, commented on my blogs (here and elsewhere), and just helped boost my confidence in the myriad of ways you have. I am now officially […]

How did she do that again?

I admit it. I’ve been stressing out over everything lately. I’ve been sending panicked emails to Sue and Dani, Marley and Amy. Hopefully some of my stress will die down now that Private Property’s released. At least until I get my first review. (Don’t forget to visit me over at […]

Mom’s Song (and a contest)

I finally got with the program and created my own book trailer and uploaded it on YouTube. This was an experiment as I was teaching myself a flash program that I probably won’t use again, LOL. I think I prefer Roxio. But here it is … only 32 seconds long, […]

First Night Story Trailer

Ever since I posted that “Where in the Hell is Matt” video back on Monday, I’ve had the song playing in my head. It’s downloadable to those in the States through Amazon for $1.98 – or .99, I see it for two prices, not sure what the difference is. Unfortunately […]

Voice of an Angel

I love Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander – her hero, Jamie is absolutely delicious. The ultimate manly man without being over the top alpha. And what could be more delicious than Gerard Butler as Jamie! (Thanks, Martie, for pointing this one out.) And another … not as nice music accompanying but great […]

A vote for Gerard as Jamie Fraser