Busy Busy Busy

Just popping my head in to say hey!  It’s been a hellabusy week on so many fronts. On the “Real Life” front: On Tuesday, the Jeep Gizmo Guy bought 29 days before (used, not brand new) was making a funny

Sunday Round-Up

I’ve pulled up the “new post” page a couple times since Gizmo Guy’s post, but what a hard act that post was to follow. GG’s a little embarrassed by all the attention he drew — oh, don’t worry, he did

Take Two

Phew! My turn again. What’s gone on this week with the Braemel’s while I’ve been hosting all my guests? Well, as I told you last weekend, my eldest son Guitar Hero got a job, so he started that on Monday.

May? More like July

Things are heating up around here — both with all the promo I’ve arranged for June, and weather-wise.  We’re breaking all sorts of heat records around here.  It’s still only May and we’ve already had several days up in the

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all those moms out there. What am I doing today? Well, Guitar Hero is still asleep and hasn’t put in an appearance yet (yes, I know it’s almost noon, but there you go.) Curly’s not even