Leah does Dallas

Remember a photograph I took in Dallas last year was entered in a contest? I just heard back from the contest – my picture was selected. Here! ! People downloading a map to Dallas to their iPhone will now see

I’m home

Finally. No thanks to Air Canada 🙁 They cancelled my return flight but didn’t announce it. We found out by word of mouth as we were just sitting and waiting way past our departure time. So we lined up at


Well, the internet’s fixed finally – wouldn’t you know it now the conference is finished? It’s been an incredibly busy couple of days that ended on a high for me personally. Things went REALLY well, but more than that I

Day Two, a tad late

I’ve been having problems getting onto the internet, but I’m here! I went to my first workshop yesterday – about Creating Characters using the Myers Brigg standard. And what types of conflict would arise between the various personality types. But


This lovely little girl fulfilled a lifelong fantasy for me – being met at the airport with someone holding a sign just for me! What the picture doesn’t show clearly is the glitter and the feathers that are adorning it.

Three Days to D Day!

That’s D as in Dallas! I know, you must be getting tired of hearing me going on about this, but it’s getting exciting! And scary! I actually dragged my suitcase out from the crawlspace today. Well, my suitcases – plural.

One week to go…

One week today I’ll be in Dallas,Texas. Technically, it’s not the first time I’ve been there — if you count a trip from California where I had to change planes and there was a several hour delay at DFW —