A real love letter…

While I was running around from event to event in Kansas City, Gizmo Guy was left to fend for himself. Oh, he’d come with me, and made sure I stayed sane–and properly fed. Then on Saturday when I came into

Bad, Leah, BAD!

I confess. I, uh, did the unthinkable today. When I woke up, Gizmo Guy was already up and downstairs having breakfast. I stumbled out of bed (mainly because Seamus was whining at me) and made my way downstairs where I

Happy Holidays

One of the presents I gave my family this Christmas was my undivided attention for a couple of days. I stayed out of my office and away from my computer, only allowing myself to quick check my email on my phone

Virginia is for Lovers

Which of course means Gizmo Guy and I had to stop and visit for a while 😀 We drove through four States within about an hour — from Pennsylvania, through Maryland, then West Virginia, and into Virginia. (Maryland and West

Friday Funny

I’m running around trying to write while also preparing for my upcoming trip to North Carolina for the Writers’ Police Academy. Which means nothing is getting done. Or at least, it’s not getting done well. So while I try to

All men are 8

I heard that saying about all men never progressing past the age of eight a while back and shared it with my husband who agreed wholeheartedly with it. This is a man who belches the alphabet and … well, I