Question for my Hauberk series readers

hauberk-bw_web_WatermarkThe first book in the Hauberk series, Private Property, was very sexy, with its menage between Jodi, Mark and Sam. Personal Protection had a fair amount of sex and a hint of BDSM. Then in Deliberate Deceptions, while it was sexy, the plot of getting Chad and Lauren talking again and able to look forward instead of past took over (yes, there was still some steamy sex, but not erotic).  And Hidden Heat — well, I’m not sure what line it falls into. Five years ago, it probably would have been considered erotic, nowadays probably more steamy contemporary. Only Hidden Heat was marketed as a romantic suspense, by the way.

Image credit: <a   href='  rings-linked-together.html'>cre8tive / 123RF Stock Photo</a>My question for you, my dear Hauberk readers, are you wanting more sex in Scott’s story? Or more suspense? Would it bother you if there’s another menage, a m/m/f menage this time? (Not that I’m going to necessarily write “to the committee” but I’m just wondering what you will be looking for in the next/future books for in the series.)