On Birthdays, uncluttering and unplugging

I’m over at the Contemporary Romance Cafe today, talking about what I did last week. And what I didn’t do.



Also, one of my favorite bloggers/reviewers, Shayna Renee, is celebrating her birthday on her blog by giving away signed paperbacks, including a copy of my Private Deceptions.  Stop by her blog to wish her a Happy Birthday, and enter the contest. (There are lots of other paperbacks to be won too)

Shayna Renee


And if you’re on Facebook, (or you can leave a comment for her here) don’t forget to wish my friend and street team leader Tabatha a happy birthday too!


Happy Thanksgiving, Canada


Yup, it’s Thanksgiving Day up here in Canada. So I’m taking the day off, chilling out as dinner cooks. Okay, so since I’m the only carnivore I spared the turkey above from the oven. But there’ll still be cornbread and stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin pie for dessert. All of which I am thankful for.

Snippet Saturday


I’ve been so buried by deadlines that I’ve let my blog slide — so now the worst of my deadlines are done, (though I still have plenty of books left to write) I’ve decided to revive Snippet Saturday.
So how about a sneak peek into Feeding the Flames, which releases in less than four weeks…

Feeding the Flames

part of the Five Alarm Alphas bundle

© 2014 Leah Braemel

She tugged on his collar and stepped backward, leading him to the back of the diner. After pausing to flip off the remaining lights, she resumed their trek toward the stairs to the upstairs apartment. Well, she’d intended to. They’d made it as far as her office when Zac banded her wrists with one hand, dragged them above her head and pressed her against wall with his body. With her trapped, he captured her mouth.

Even her most erotic fantasy hadn’t prepared her for his kiss.

Her eyes drifted closed so she could concentrate on the pure sensation. From the hardness of his chest pressing against her, holding her in place, and his breath on her skin, to the soft prickle of his stubble on her cheek. That he was showing a side of himself she’d never seen before was just as erotic. She’d seen him playful before, but there was an intensity to him, as if carefully stoked embers had ignited.

His long fingers slipped to the back of her neck. A quick tug and her apron sagged to her waist. Cool air from overhead brushed bare skin as he unbuttoned her shirt. The heat of his touch as he pushed the fabric over her shoulders caused her nipples to harden into tight buds.

He released his grip on her wrists and shoved her bra beneath her breasts, the fabric rasping over her sensitive nipples. She lost herself in how his eyes were now nearly black with desire.

His groan rumbled through her chest. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to see these?”

As long she’d wanted him to touch them?

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Snippet Saturday

The sky outside hadn’t changed to the slate gray it usually did when Jake got up. Another hour before the alarm clock would squawk its irritating noise. Which meant he could still catch a few minutes sleep. He flopped onto his side and waited for sleep to claim him. And waited. He switched sides again. Flipped onto his back. The damned alarm clock mocked him, telling him only five minutes had passed since the last time he’d checked it.

NAFC_200x300An hour after they’d arrived home, Ben had pounded on his door. Paige had sent him on his way, while Jake hid like a damned fugitive in the bedroom, his brain whirling as if someone had stuck his mother’s hand blender into it and cranked it to high. A half hour later, Gabe had shown up. Once more, Paige had intervened.

Around midnight, his brain had fritzed out. He’d stared at the ceiling for another hour, thinking…nothing. But he still couldn’t sleep. He’d spent the last hour watching Paige sleep, the way her hair drifted over the pillow, at the soft curve of her mouth, the arch of her eyebrow. Sexy. Confident in who she was.


Peace he thought he had yesterday. Now his life was complete chaos.

Well, except for her. She was the calm in his storm. While he ranted, she listened. Really listened. Heard not only what he said, but what he was too afraid to say.

Not just last night, but before too, when he talked about his music and worried about Ben’s reaction. She made him feel like he could say anything and she’d stay by his side.

Defend him. Support him.

Outside of the family, no one else had cared enough to defend him unless they thought they’d get something out of it. But Paige? She was in his corner every step of the way. Since the first day they’d met.

If it hadn’t been for her last night, he would have stormed off the ranch. Kept driving. Maybe that’s why he’d taken the ATV to the lake instead of climbing back into his truck. Maybe he’d wanted her to follow him. While the impulse to flee was still strong, he wouldn’t leave without her by his side.


Impossible to put down; No Accounting For Cowboys was filled with twists, turns, and secrets new and old making it another fine offering from author Leah Braemel. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Holy hell, she’d wiggled into his head until he’d fallen in love with her. No. She’d just been herself. He was the one who’d tumbled over the relationship cliff, and he liked it. When had that happened? But if he told her what he felt, this soon, would it freak her out? Panic rose in his chest at the thought of her running away, scared that he’d gotten too intense, too fast. Yet the words welled up in his throat, unwilling to stay unspoken. His heart racing, he brushed his lips over her curled fingers and whispered, “I love you, Paige.”

He stayed frozen in place, waiting for her eyes to flicker open, for her to move, to run away. But she didn’t. Her breathing stayed even, her eyes closed.

Only then did he settle back and take a deep breath. He could wait to hear it back from her. His imagination provided pictures of her moving in permanently. Her coming on tour with him. Her looking up at him from the crowd as he sang, the only face—or opinion—that mattered. Then they’d come home and take their quads down to the lake. Have picnics. Look up at…

The main house, and remember that his mother was up there. Looking down on them. Still keeping her secrets and telling him lies.

Shit. So much for the fairy tale.

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